Should I File For Bankruptcy?

Do not take the decision to file for bankruptcy lightly. You should consider all your options and make sure you get the advice of a qualified attorney before taking any irreversible steps. Many important factors are involved when considering bankruptcy, so getting legal advice before making a decision is a good idea.

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You Might Want To File For Bankruptcy If …

… you are struggling under overwhelming debt and you can't envision ever being able to pay it off. Maybe your mortgage is late and your house is in danger of being foreclosed. Maybe you owe income tax debt or can't afford to pay unexpected medical bills. Maybe you've been receiving harassing phone calls from your creditors and need a way to make them stop.

You Might Want To Think Twice About Filing If …

… you think you can pay off your debt the old-fashioned way, in a reasonable amount of time. Filing for bankruptcy can be an expensive project, and it does not reflect well on your credit. You should not file if you don't feel that you have to, or if …

… you do not want to disclose all of your financial information. Remember, for a trustee to know whether you actually need bankruptcy, he or she has to have access to your entire financial history. Bankruptcy may not be an option for you if you feel uncomfortable divulging this information, or if …

… you are not current on child support or spousal support payments. First, child and spousal support payments cannot be discharged by filing for bankruptcy. Second, you may not be allowed to file if you haven't kept up with them or you may be required to catch up with your payments prior to filing.

… you have not filed all the taxes you are required to file over the past four years.

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