How Do Social Security Disability Benefits Work For Children?

Are you trying to help a child obtain disability benefits? There are two situations in which a child could obtain government benefits for disability: when his or her parent has been receiving benefits and dies or when the child is disabled. The Cummings Law Firm, P.A., offers skilled legal help to surviving children and disabled children.

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When Can A Child Get Social Security Disability Benefits?

A child can obtain benefits through a parent's SSDI account if one of the following conditions exists:

  • The parent is retired and receiving retirement benefits or is disabled and receiving SSDI benefits.
  • The parent died after having worked long enough in a job where the parent paid in Social Security taxes to be covered by Social Security survivors benefits.

Are you unsure if your child or the child you are helping out qualifies? Just talk to us. We can look at the specific situation and point you in the right direction.

Does My Child Qualify For Supplemental Security Income Benefits?

Since disabled children have not worked and paid into the Social Security system, they are not eligible to receive SSD for their disabilities. However, disabled children may be eligible for Supplement Security Income, which is a need-based program.
If you are applying for SSI benefits for a disabled child, you will need to furnish medical evidence to prove the disability. The documents should cover any diagnosed medical condition and in the case of certain mental or behavioral disorders, school and/or psychiatric records that show that the child is disabled. Our attorneys will be here to help you gather all of the necessary documentation for SSI claims to ensure that your child gets the benefits he or she requires for his or her disability issues.

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